My aunt recently wanted to redo her home starting with the master bedroom. If you notice the entrance to the bedroom including half of that room was hardwood floor. At first we stained all floors in her home and then when we got to the bedroom we decided to use my idea to salvage the hardwood instead of bringing it the tile all the way to the door way. We also thought to stain each room a different color and the bedroom(master) was going to be white of all colors, a water based stain. Later on we polyed the floor and it turned yellow/just didn't work out. So eventually I sanded the floor back to the original to match the hallway.

Half of the house is an addition, went over it with hardie sheets underlayment for the white marble in the middle with a black granite border. Behr interior, semigloss, paint/primer combo for a red trim. Could have did a lot of other things but you know material costs can soar!

Let me know if you want this floor/etc. Total cost with labor is around 5k.