This wire burnout is located at an apartment complex in the azalea garden area of norfolk. Essentially maintenance men over years would do anything as far as repairs.

In this case we have an electric water heater that had been connected from a copper wire whip to aluminum wire via wrong wire nuts with no compound or wire nuts that have the compound in it.

Also the burnout or short could have occured because the connections were not tightened enough. Anyway when i showed up to the tenants apt becuase of lack of hot water the wires were burned as shown i the picture. The connection was not in the junction box and also a couple of inches from the wood corner.

I had to cut into the corner to get enough slack in wire then i installed a metal junction box and a new whip that was long enough not the super short one that they had installed origninally.

Also the pressure relief valve was not plumbed out to the over flow pipe. In other words someday a tenant would come home to a worn out, open valve with a flooded apt -i have seen it many times.

It can happen to you.