Here we have a roof top condenser unit on Freemason ave that has a rusty/peeling filter dryer x2, accumulator, and most important the fan motor support cage. What i did was essentially remove the fan motor and top of condenser and began to remove chipping paint from fan cage with multiple types of wire brushes. After that I cleaned the filter dryers, one inside of the unit and one outside of the unit, and not to mention the compressor top. After all chipping paint and rust was thoroughly cleaned I wiped down those areas with alcohol and acetone to get surface nice and clean. In the end I painted all treated areas with 2 coats of paint primer combo exterior paint. The reason for painting the top of condenser in addition to the cage itself was because the top was also rusting. The outline was created with masking tape as a paint shield in order not to get paint on the coils.

This pre-maintance was discovered after I went to service a fourth floor indoor unit. The coils on the indoor unit had slight mold build up. I cleaned the coils with an evaporator coil cleaner and vacuumed out the condensation drain. During that visit I also visited the roof and cleaned the outdoor coil that is also when I saw the multiple rusting parts. After doing a walk through I saw that just about every unit needed per-maintenace on the same parts. By taking steps to stop rusting damage can be prevented that can come in the form of freon leaks, and worst of all the fan motor cage can fail and cause the fan to fall and cause a freon leak/fan motor to fail and etc. 7-8 pounds of r22 refrigerant can be lost/vented to the atmosphere. damage can range from $500-$1500 in damage.