Here we have an apartment complex at the intersection of azalea garden road and robin hood road in norfolk. essentially the property was built in the 60's and in the a/c closets you have particale board for the floor, not to mention throughout the whole apartment/hallways/tile mortared to partical board in the bathrooms and etc.

Now in the a/c closets you got it bad, especially if you are the tenant because essentially the partical board will disintegrate and get sucked into the a/c coils and clog it up, leaving you with not only less air velocity but less cooling/heating.

The units are electric furnaces -not your most efficient way of getting heat but it is what it is. While getting the apartment ready for rent my solution for this situation is to jack up the airhandler or just lift it up/install legs in this case/1 2x4 in the back/screw everything together using coated exterior screws. The floor will be sheet metal and there you have it. I came back to insulate the main trunk transition latere so that is why you see none.

Last but not least i cleaned the coils with no rinse cleaner + a 2 inch wire brush/soap and hot water. "Yes", I could have done this many other ways but this was on my mind and since then i have done this on many other apartments at this site in different ways.