A friend of mine owns a duplex in Norfolk, VA and from time to time in between tenants I catch up on repairs. I recently tore out a bathroom floor that had over the years been patched 3-4 times, not to mention the joists underneath were patched many times as well. In addition to leaky plumbing, roof leaks were also found. On a rainy day I ran my hand on along the framing and found there was water running down the vent pipe onto the drywall, framing, and etc, rotting all in its path. Next I went into the attic to inspect the roof and found 6 leaks. 4 around all pipe collars, 1 around a vent, and 1 around the gas furnace flue pipe.

Last but not least upon turning on the water i found out that the drain for the tub had fallen apart and was leaking under the apt. 2 angle stops were replaced, and the copper trap not to mention missing tiles. VCT floor was matching, 2 sheets of 3/4 pressure treated plywood, new stud wall plate, vanity, sink top, faucet, baseboard, siliconed everything, grouted tile and etc.