Here we have a situation at a 2 bedroom rental property in virginia beach off of indendence where I came to replace a tub faucet that was out of commission, as in worn out even after replaceing the washers and springs would still leak. Next i proceeded to replace the tub faucet with one i purchased at home depot for about 100$. Nothing but sharkbites and pex pipe is all i needed to get the job done without even thinking about a leak.

Moving on to the next tub faucet(at a 2 bedroom apt off of azalea garden road, norfolk), the faucet had no seats in them since day one, meaning that when i showed up there were no seats in the fucet and so i put 2 in and would still leak! So i ended up haveing to replace the faucet with my favorite 100$ faucet. Then ofcourse had to put the kitchen cabinet back too. I think you get the idea.