Here we have a toilet at an apartment complex located at the intersection of azalea garden road and robin hood road intersection. Essentially we have been on toilet alert due to the fact that the tenants are complaining about extra high water bills.

The case is usually that most tenants hear their toilets cut off and on non-stop througout the day but mention nothing to the main office for a repair. Either the tenant does not know that they share water and such a thing can cause everybody's bill to go up including themselves or they just dont care.

Anyway! As you can see fluidmaster is getting smarter and smarter by the miniute. With this flapper repair kit I can easily repair the old original flapper within 30 min instead of 1 hour in additon to repair the toilet without cutting off old tank bolts that are usually impossible to get off.

You might say that why don't I just install another flapper? Well the answer is because the lip that the flapper sits on or the circle is bigger than any flapper. I have put a brand new flapper on before only to get a ticket the next day that toilet was running all night.

Making sure the lip is clean after you drain the tank will ensure a strong bond for the underwater glue. You might think wow, on an apartment such a item would easily pop off.

I have installed about 20 of these so far and have not had 1 call back, and you know how many people in an apartment building use the bathroom so many times including whole families none stop around the clock.

I think you get the idea.