My experiance goes back to 1985 when I was splitting firewood to sell. I then moved onto concrete finishing for example I would pour driveways and slabs not to mention footings.

I then moved onto home remodeling and repair essentially throughout the 90's I was prepping rental properties (homes and multiplexs)for rent. Anywhere from adding baseboard heat to replacing trimwork I have done it all. Residential is my speciality but I get down with commercial too depending on what you have going on.

Tcc is my best friend, that is where I gained my book knowlege and the whole behind the scene's down to the molecular level of how HVAC works. My instructors were the honorable Skip Krepcik, John Price, and the mighty John Huddleston. You want to talk about people with a passion, just go sign up for some of their classes and you will see the experts at work/bare wittness.

I am all over the 757 so if you have something that needs attention feel free to contact me and I can get with you quickly.

Randy Zandi (cheif field expert/all around technician in everything)

Ever thought about using ice as an insulator?

One of my mentors "will"