Season Update: Greetings to the entire 757! Now that it's cold season, this is the best time to replace your hvac equipment rather than when its 100f degrees outside. Send us a text for a free estimate when you get a chance. We wish you a beautiful day.


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Light fixtures replacements to a breaker box change out -we have solutions to meet your needs. By replacing old cracked outlet/light switch plates not to mention adding new light fixtures in addition to energy saving light bulbs, you can enhance a basic home into a fresh new living space with only a few minor adjustments.

How about a large size room with a flush mount, thought about a remote controlled ceiling fan? How about having the ability to use your TV remote to control the ceiling fan?

Want to take an old cheap flimsy 19.99 chandler and replace it with a 1200$ glass crystal one or better yet how about one that better meets your budget, like a satin brushed nickel one that costs 250$? In any event when it comes to electrical improvements in your home we have the hours of experience as well as the solutions.

Dont forget to check out our appliance services.


lights Misc
  • flushmounts
  • celing fans
  • chandeler
  • flouresants
  • track lights
  • recess
  • wall mounts
  • outdoor
  • automatic closet lights
  • dusk to dawn security lights
  • motion sensor lights


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Appliance services include replacements of basically any type appliance not to mention repairs. I have been replacing appliances for years and I have repaired countless refrigerators. Imagine coming home and you have a hot fridge but a freezer that is super cold, what are you going to do? -call me and i will come to your location, diagnose, and repair your appliance asap. Whether it be your defrost thermostat, defrost element, defrost timer, or thermostat I can and will take care of you.


Appliances (replacements/repairs)


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Plumbing services include replacements and repairs of just about every plumbing fixture. Plumbing has come a long way since you know, long time ago as far as quality and efficiency. With an endless supply of faucets, bath, and kitchen fixtures the options are unlimited. I purchase my highest quality parts from Ferguson Enterprises and of-course the job can be custom to meet your needs and budget at home depot or Lowes.

Need ideas?

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Fixtures Misc

Heating and Cooling

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Have a refrigerant leak in your system where you have to charge it every single year like clockwork? How about an old mercury thermostat that you want to change to an up-to-date programmable digital thermostat? I do maintenance contracts with customers if wanted where i come through every 90 days and change filters, check your ductwork and inspect coils.

Don't forget I also do mini-split installs. ( A mini split system is basically a heating cooling system with an indoor and outdoor unit but does not use ductwork. They are great for homes or people that are not very compatible with ductwork)


Indoor Units Outdoor Units Misc
  • thermostats
  • fan motors
  • relays
  • sequencers
  • transformers
  • overflow switchs
  • emergancy heat strips
  • locate short in system
  • evaperator coil replacment
  • heat exchanger replacment
  • air handler replacement
  • contactors
  • capacitors
  • fan blades
  • fan motors
  • compressors
  • condensor replacment